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sehallsanchez posted this 08 July 2019

Hello all,

I am learning to use the Coupled Fields ACT extension's tools to do piezoelectric simulation and I am testing a simple setup where a cube piezoelectric body is subject to deformation and I want to measure the voltage generated. However, when I want to solve for the voltage, the program says that the VOLTdefined result is not recognized. It shows the following message:

"Unable to create user defined result. VOLT is not a recognized result in: 59 = VOLT"

Attached is an image of my current setup. Is this a problem with mechanical not recognizing my extension? If so, how do I make sure it does?


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HeMeng posted this 11 July 2019

HI,I have the same problem。

Do you solve it? 

sehallsanchez posted this 09 July 2019

Thank you so very much to both of you. I learned how to change to the solid type 226 but was still having a little bit of trouble. I finally switched to the Piezo & MEMS extension and not it is working fine.

HuiLiu posted this 09 July 2019

You can use command object to change the element type and apply BCs loading etc, like Sandeep pointed out. A simpler way is to use the Piezo & MEMS ACT instead of coupled field ACT you have right now. I think the latter is no longer maintained, since a few versions back...

SandeepMedikonda posted this 09 July 2019

Please read through the docs on SOLID226.

You would have to specify KEYOPT(1) = 1001 for Piezoelectric or Electrostatic-Structural analysis.

If you are not familiar with APDL, you might find this article helpful.

How to access ANSYS ONLINE Help

sehallsanchez posted this 08 July 2019


Thank you for your help so far. I added into the command line the following: 


However I have the following errors in my Solver Information:

*****  ANSYS SOLVE    COMMAND  *****

 *** WARNING ***                         CP =       0.391   TIME= 1506
 There are no degrees of freedom defined.                               

 *** WARNING ***                         CP =       0.391   TIME= 1506
 Element shape checking is currently inactive.  Issue SHPP,ON or        
 SHPP,WARN to reactivate, if desired.                                   

 *** ERROR ***                           CP =       0.391   TIME= 1506
 SOLID226 element 1 must have a nonzero KEYOPT(1) value.  


Thank you.

SandeepMedikonda posted this 08 July 2019

Please see this post

sehallsanchez posted this 08 July 2019



I checked the type of elements I am using and they seem to be of type Solid 186. How do I change them to be type 226 or 227? Thank you.

HuiLiu posted this 08 July 2019


Could you use Piezo & MEMS ACT instead? Also a good check is to see in your solver.out file what element types you have. You should have element type 226 or 227 if Piezo is included