Volume of fluid method

  • Last Post 19 November 2018
gowthamdada posted this 17 November 2018

is necessary to mention air fraction in volume of fluid method?

i can enter mixture velocity. how its works when liquid and gas entering in mixture velocity of 0.1

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Kremella posted this 18 November 2018


In VOF, there can only be one phase - either liquid or vapor, entering or exiting from inlet and outlet boundary. You cannot specify a mixture of two phases at these inlet and outlet boundaries. Please share some more details about your problem so we can understand your modeling needs better.

Thank you.

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gowthamdada posted this 18 November 2018


i just want to give the both fluids(liquid and air) in inlet. due to the fluid the pig going to move till the end. i have to simulate during both phases involved in the flow.

if i used VOF method, is there necessary to patch the secondary phase or not?

kkanade posted this 19 November 2018

As mentioned by Karthik, only one phase can enter. So you can split inlet into two parts and use one inlet for each phase if you want to give velocity to both phases. Then it is not necessary to patch. But patching is recommended. Please use patch as best practice. It would save a lot of time. 

gowthamdada posted this 19 November 2018

can split the inlet two parts in fluet itself.

is there any chance without affecting the mesh?

if i gave two inlets VOF method will be good for futher simulation


rwoolhou posted this 19 November 2018

Yes, if you look at the Separate commands in Setting Up Domain. You'll need to create an adaption register (Mark) to tag the cells that you want to split. Note, this will split the existing mesh and does not add or remove cells. 

The highlighted words are all the commands/menus you'll need: the Help guide will show you what to do with them.