DO model and semi-transparent wall BC type

  • Last Post 26 February 2019
Kepojeyathas94 posted this 23 February 2019

Hi everyone. 
I'm doing a solar loading simulation with DO model and Solar ray tracing. In Boundary conditions, I've put a semitransparent BC type to my wall and I have to put 'Direct Irradiation', 'Diffuse Irradiation' and then there are also 'Beam width' and 'beam direction'. Can you please tell me what's the meaning for these beams? What values should I've to put in the irradiation tabs? Because I only want to use the irradiation from solar ray tracing computed by the date and time I've set in the solar loading model. By default the irradiation values are 0 and the glazed walls have a cold temperature and it is not real

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rwoolhou posted this 25 February 2019

Check the Heat Transfer -> Radiation -> Boundary conditions section in the User's Guide. 

Kepojeyathas94 posted this 25 February 2019

Thank you for the answer. I've already read that section of the user's guide but I don't know the values of Direct Irradiation and Diffuse Irradiation fluxes. Why are they not calculated automatically with the solar loading?

kkanade posted this 26 February 2019

these are user inputs. if you dont know the exact value, please proceed with some approximate values by using calculated guess.