What means Tessellation refinement tolerance?!

  • Last Post 13 December 2018
Armin3322 posted this 12 December 2018



I want to create a Cutcell Mesh, but I always get this Warning and a Error that it failed creating a mesh.

What does that Error mean and what Settings are there involved? What can I do against it?

"The tolerance of the geometry is larger than the applied tessellation refinement tolerance. This might lead to an uneven mesh and/or to poor geometric accuracy of the mesh."

Greetings from Germany.


kkanade posted this 13 December 2018

i assume you are generating cut cell in workbench meshing. 

you can see the geometry in meshing. it has geometry kernel at the back. 

the cutcell technology uses different libraries and need a faceted data as input. so when you select cutcell method, a faceted data (like stl files) is generated in the background and used to generate cutcell. the generation of this input faceted data is nothing but tessellation refinement. if it is coarse then it may not represent your geometry correctly and subsequently mesh will also not respect geometry correctly. this all depends on what sizes you are using for cut cell. for more information about generating cutcell please check help manual. 

in general, i suggest you to go with hex mesh by using sweep method or you can use tetrahedron method which are more robust than cutcell. 


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