When I open the Electronic Desktop, Twin Builder auto opens

  • Last Post 17 February 2020
lumiere posted this 14 February 2020

I installed the electromagnetic package from my university. Programs like Electronics desktop, siwave, twin builder, and more were installed. I am having trouble finding HFSS though. I have looked through the download directory and am not sure what to do. Can some one help me find HFSS?

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Geo Karnos posted this 14 February 2020



HFSS is accessible through Electronics Desktop.

Open Electronics Desktop, then choose file and open the HFSS file that you would like to open.

Best Regards,


lumiere posted this 14 February 2020

Hello, thank you for replying.

I am trying to insert a new HFSS project not open a pre-existing file. 

Is there a way to insert a new HFSS design on the electronics desktop? The only option I am seeing is insert a new twin builder design.


Thank you

Geo Karnos posted this 17 February 2020


In ANSYS EDT / Simplorer GUI --> Tools --> Options --> General Options --> Desktop Configuration -->

Set Targeted Configuration, Custom Menu, Set Schematic Environment. All of the above may be set to Simplorer, Change to other relevant option (

Also, New Project Options. When creating a new project. Insert a design on type: may also be set to Simplorer, change it to the desired value from the drop down or choose "Don't insert a design"

For details please refer ANSYS EDT Documentation > Working with ANSYS Electronics Desktop Projects > Setting Options > Setting General Options General Options: Desktop Configuration. Close "Simplorer" & Start ANSYS EDT (Maxwell).   Best, Geo