When simulating a Wing with OpenFOAM what surface do i use to set boundaries when meshing?

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Archoncommando posted this 13 January 2019

Good day to you all!

I'm currently working on meshing a Hydrofoil i'm supposed to do simulations on for university. I have an instruction from my predeseccor but it's not very detailed at times.

I'm currently stuck getting the mesh right. The instructions mention substracting the wings geometry from the environment by use of a boolean operation since fluid dynamics are calculated by the boundaries and not solid parts. However it is not stated wether to choose "keep tool body" or not. Any input on that?

He continues by adding certain faces to components like inlet, outlet, sides, atmosphere etc. Those all seem straight forward. He however doesn't mention wether the "part" component should use the surfaces of the win geometry itself or the interior surfaces of the domain created by the boolean operation.

Also is there a way to force the software to only use tetrahedrons for meshing? According to openfoams check mesh there are a few houndred different geometries in there that i'd like to eliminate.


Thanks in advance for any input!


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raul.raghav posted this 13 January 2019

There is a tutorial that might be of use to you: SimCafe Flow over a wing

1. "keep tool body" - if you are only concerned with the flow field and not planning to do a fluid-structure interaction analysis later, you don't need to preserve the tool body (wing in your case). Alternatively if you decide to preserve the tool body, you can suppress it to perform your flow simulation.

2. The interior surfaces of the created domain is to be selected. The wing geometry itself would not exist if you are conduction fluid flow simulation.

3. Refer to the following video: