I am creating a model in ANSYS mechanical APDL by writing a script containing DO loops, for the purposes of automating it. It's purpose is to create about 3600 holes in a square plate. The script works. When it starts working, it is quick but as it progresses, it slows down and comes to a point when APDL stops responding. NOTE: The issue is with ASBA command which is used as a boolean operation to remove/subtract smaller areas from the square shaped area, creating holes. On repetitive use of this command, I see that APDL slows down as it goes ahead in the process of creating holes.   There is no issue with memory in the system as I am running it on a 32 GB ram system and it occupies only 6-8 GB memory at a time. Also, I have about 1.5 TB free space when I am running it.   Any suggestions to solve this issue are welcome. Thanks!