Why does the extension not work on ANSYS workbench

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Guangqi posted this 17 April 2019

It says "No ACCS features are present in the license server, the extension will be unloaded in 5 seconds"

The ANSYS Workbench version R19.2

The extension version ACCS v1.7

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tsiriaks posted this 18 April 2019

 Hi Guangqi,

Open CMD Prompt, then issue the following command (this is one line)

"%awp_root192%\..\Shared Files\Licensing\Winx64\ansysli_util" -checkout ANSYS_COMPOSITE_PRE

what do you get ? Please post the screenshot of the output.

Also, what about this

"%awp_root192%\..\Shared Files\Licensing\Winx64\ansysli_util" -checkout ANSYS_COMPOSITE_POST




Guangqi posted this 18 April 2019

I got this. 

tsiriaks posted this 18 April 2019


Your licensing is fine.

Did you install Structures package before the ACCS v1.7 ? If not, please reinstall everything in this order.

Also, do you get the same issue if you launch it with this command




Guangqi posted this 18 April 2019

I got this, I think it works well. Does that mean I need to reinstall the ANSYS Workbench from the costomer portral? Thanks.

Guangqi posted this 18 April 2019

And this is what I installed before

tsiriaks posted this 19 April 2019

sounds good.

Yes, you can also reinstall ANSYS Workbench and select all things related to structural mechanics, then reinstall the ACCS 1.7



Guangqi posted this 19 April 2019

It doesn't work. I tried the 2019R1 version, 19.2version and 18.2 version and the corresponding version of ACCS. Same problem. The things I installed is in the picture.

Guangqi posted this 20 April 2019

One of our gourp member also tried to install the ACCS extension, but he also met such problem. Therefore, I am thinking could this problem be caused by the license server? I have no idea what the license server is, but the license are managed by a depertment in our university. If so, what should I let them check? otherwise, what is the possible problem? We really need this extension! And we have been stuck in this issue for two weeks. Thanks for your help!

Guangqi posted this 22 April 2019

Cause this extension is very important for our research, Could I use the student version at first? Then, after the problem solved, I will switch to the normal version.

Does ANSYS student support the ACCS extension?

Geo Karnos posted this 22 April 2019

Hello Guangqi,


There is a specific download for the ACCS extension for each release. 

Did you download the zip file for 18.2 and unzip/install from that download?

What licenses do you have available form the License Server?

Start->All Programs->Ansys 18.2 ->Ansys Client Licensing->Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility 18.2

When this appears, choose:

View Status/Diagnostic Options->Display License Status

Please post just the lines that start with: Users of 

tsiriaks posted this 22 April 2019

Hi Guangqi,

There is no issue with licensing. That's the first thing I checked on my first post.

You have to make sure that you use the consistent version of ANSYS Composite Cure SImulation and Structure packages. Your latest screenshots showed 18.2 installation but we were focusing on 19.2.

Try remove everything, then

1. Install Structures package 19.2

2. Install ACCS from the Add On Package 19.2

If issue persists, let us know the exact steps you use to launch the software including what shortcut/file you click that leads into this issue "No ACCS features are present in the license server, the extension will be unloaded in 5 seconds"

Guangqi posted this 23 April 2019

Yes, I tried different versions of ansys, but I also installed the consistent version of ACCS extension.

1. The shortcut I click is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ANSYS 19.2;

2. And I can also meet this issue if I click ANYSYS workbench>extension button> Management;

3. I let other our group members installed the ACCS extension, he also meets such problem.

And could you please tell me which of these features provide the ACCS module?


These are the features for which our group are licensed (and which are reserved for our group):


aa_mcad aa_r acfd_vki afsp_gui afsp_optigrid afsp_viewmerical aim_mp1 ensight_enterprise envision_pro a_spaceclaim_catv5 a_spaceclaim_dirmod aice_mesher aice_opt aice_pak aice_solv aiiges al4allegro al4ansoft al4apd al4boardstation al4cadvance al4cds al4expedition al4first al4gem al4generic al4odb++ al4powerpcb al4virtuoso al4zuken ansoft_distrib_engine designer_hspice electronics_desktop electronics2d_gui electronics3d_gui electronicsckt_gui emit_legacy_gui emit_solve ensemble_25_sim filter_synthesis hfss_solve hfss_transient_solve hfsshpc hfsssbr_solve nexxim_ami nexxim_dc nexxim_eye nexxim_hb nexxim_netlist nexxim_osc nexxim_tran nexxim_tvnoise optimetrics savant_legacy_gui si2d_solve si3d_solve simplorer_gui siwave_gui siwave_level1 siwave_level2 siwave_level3 symphony_dt_sim symphony_fd_sim xlate_catia4 xlate_catia5 xlate_iges xlate_inventor xlate_parasolid xlate_proe xlate_solidworks xlate_step xlate_unigraphics

tsiriaks posted this 24 April 2019

Hi Guangqi,

We have issued you are a new temp key. That should get you going.


Guangqi posted this 24 April 2019

Thank you, it works, finially. By the way what is the difference between temp key and the normal key? Will the temp key expire within only few days?

tsiriaks posted this 24 April 2019

Hi Guangqi,

That's great !

Yes, the temp key will have much shorter valid date (will expire soon).

The key to your issue is that you actually need two different license features to run ACCS (as opposed to just one, which is what I thought earlier, so I checked only that one).

1. aa_r       (ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical and CFD)

2. a_lmat   (ANSYS Composite Cure Simulation)

You already have the first one but you were missing the second one. The temp key is issued for you to add the second one to your license pool. You can discuss with your Account Manager to make this a permanent/lease key.


Guangqi posted this 25 April 2019

How many days will the temp key expire? And could you please also give me a regular license, like my mechanical and CFD license? We need the ACCS for a long time.

tsiriaks posted this 25 April 2019

Hi Guangqi,

I've asked your ANSYS Account Manager to reach out to you and discuss about that.