Working with imported points in design modular

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Ommm posted this 11 May 2019


I have inserted around 100 randomly generated points in design modular by using point option from the "create" menu. After that around every point, I want to create a circle of a definite radius in 2D/ sphere in case of 3D analysis.

But I am unable to create circles over the imported point. In the sketch, it does not select the points while creating the circle.


Can someone help me out here!



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peteroznewman posted this 11 May 2019

For the 3D case, in DesignModeler, there is a Sphere primative.  You can set the Sphere details for Origin Definition to Selection, then you can pick a point your created.

Ommm posted this 11 May 2019

Thanks for replying peter!

As I get to select only one point at a time to create the sphere, and I have to deal with 100s of points. Is there a fast approach which I can follow? 


peteroznewman posted this 12 May 2019

Learn the scripting language, then you can read the points from a file and create all the spheres. Do you have SpaceClaim?  You might want to start with that one. I haven't learned either one yet.

Here is someone who has done it.

Ommm posted this 12 May 2019

Thanks for sharing.

I think I can work with this.

Appreciate your help.



Ommm posted this 19 May 2019


I have written a code for generating random triangles in a 2D box. This will directly generate a  .txt file which user can copy paste in SpaceClaim's script to generate the geometry.